Archie- *P/O
Archie- *P/O

Archie- *P/O

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  • P/O = Pre-Order

    The prices are exclusive to this pre-order.
    ⭐️the pre-order runs


      9/8/2022 - 9/10/2022


    . **Prices will increase to our regular prices after that 1.20.2022.

    *no personal rep codes*
    🔥accepted codes: 10% codes and January’s sale code 


    We hope that the steep discounts can bless you in this season as it’s been a hard 2 years. 

    The the dolls will ship to us in South Dakota, from France. 
    It can take 2-4 weeks depending on the winter weather & shipping issues.

    We will then have time to prep them and other parts of your orders—- and when the dolls arrive, as a family we package them up & get them sent off to you. 🙂

     🔥If there is a mistake with our order or any items that arrive damaged we will happily refund your order. 
    -if the wrong item is shipped to us- We will NOT refund you and still send the item to you. We will refund you and keep the mistaken/damaged item.

    It is heartbreaking to witness someone getting a FULL refund, insist we still send them the item & then watch them turn around and sell the doll for near to full price. We tolerated it in 2021 but we no longer will in 2022. Thank you for understanding. 



10% codes only unless the owner Jenni states otherwise on social media.

  • If by chance a discount code other than one for 10% off works - sometimes the website glitches - we will refund and email you letting you know to repurchase using only a 10% code found in our VIP group or on Brand Team social media posts. Feel free to ask in the Facebook VIP group for a code. 

Doll features:

  • 13 inches long (34 cm)
  • Doll is made from soft PVC free of Phthalates made in Spain
  • Doll head, arms and legs rotate and allow your child to pose them however they want to for maximum fun and imagination! 
  • Beautiful details eyes
  • The eyes of this doll do not close
  • The dolls ethically handmade and of the highest quality. They use the finest European materials (hair, eyelashes, freckles, cheeks, lips), These features make the dolls appear real and ready for whatever your child envisions.
  • Playing with a doll is very helpful for visual learners and helps children develop.
  • Research from Cardiff University: Through monitoring the brain activity of 33 children* between the ages of 4 and 8, as they played with a range of Barbie dolls, the team found that the posterior superior temporal sulcus (pSTS), a region of the brain associated with social information processing such as empathy, was activated even when the child was playing on their own. These benefits of solo doll play were shown to be equal for both boys and girls. Dr. Gerson explains: “This is a completely new finding. We use this area of the brain when we think about other people, especially when we think about another person’s thoughts or feelings. Dolls encourage them to create their own little imaginary worlds, as opposed to say, problem-solving or building games. They encourage children to think about other people and how they might interact with each other. The fact that we saw the pSTS to be active in our study shows that playing with dolls is helping them rehearse some of the social skills they will need in later life. Because this brain region has been shown to play a similar role in supporting empathy and social processing across six continents, these findings are likely to be country agnostic”.,will%20need%20in%20later%20life.
  • The dolls do have a vanilla aroma. My daughters love it. We have noticed over time the scent fades away.

These dolls are ethically made by Paolo Reina in Spain and then distributed by Minikane from France to retailers in the United States.

Dolls are handmade and their paint, skin color, hair and facial looks may vary slightly. 

Please note the factory and production schedule is getting back on track but still experiencing delays. 

10% discount codes only - no other promotions. 


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